Safetree provides health and safety information for the plantation forest industry. Safetree supports a safe, sustainable and professional forestry sector, in partnership with workers, industry and government.

Contractor Register

Use the Safetree Contractor Register to find contractors, workers and forest managers who have been independently assessed as meeting industry-agreed standards of professionalism and safety.


For contractors, certification demonstrates your professionalism to clients. It provides a benchmark that your health and safety systems can be designed to and means everyone is held to the same standards. For forest owners and managers, using certified contractors provides an assurance that the companies you hire are competent to do the job. For workers, the scheme will lead to improved health and safety and employment conditions. 

Worker Certification

Safetree Professional Forest Worker Certification is a great way to get official recognition from the industry that a workers’ skills are still up to date. Certification confirms that tree fallers and breakers out have been independently assessed on the job as able to work safely and professionally. That means they are doing what a WorkSafe inspector would expect to see, and know how to protect themselves and their crew mates.


Find information and reports related to the health and safety performance of the forestry industry.


Access Safetree resources, specifically designed for people in forestry. From best practice guides to industry stories, find what you're looking for in relation to Safetree.

Safety Alerts

Safetree safety alerts are a way to learn from the experiences of others working in forestry. They are based on real incidents, including what happened, why it happened and the lessons to be learned.

About Safetree

Safetree is your one-stop resource to find the safety information you need to do your jobs safely and without injury.