Check out careers in forestry, download the latest industry reports and statistics, find links to forest industry contacts, access important health and safety information and more with this selection of forestry resources.

Forestry Careers

Find out about forestry industry careers, including nursery and cultivation, research and development, silviculture and planting, harvesting, civil and roading, transport and logistics, foresting and harvest management. 

Cyclone Gabrielle

FICA has collated a range of information and resources that may be of use to forestry contractors, workers and support services affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. 

FICA Business Support

As a body representing our people at the frontline of forestry, FICA is collating business support available for contractors and workers.

Forestry Careers

Forestry RoVE Advisory Group (FRAG) is a group of industry representatives providing input to the various Review of Vocational Education (RoVE) workstreams and taking into consideration the Forestry & Wood Processing Workforce Action Plan.

Industry Reports

Access forest industry reports, from facts and figures and best practice guides to government guidelines and industry videos relevant to the forestry sector. 

Forestry Toolbox

Looking for a workshop to develop your own personal skills, or want to train and develop your team to reach their potential? Find training, workshop material and speakers in the FICA Forestry Toolbox. 


Safetree provides health and safety information for the plantation forest industry. Safetree supports a safe, sustainable and professional forestry sector, in partnership with workers, industry and government. 


FICA runs webinars on a range of topics, to help our members to upskill, stay accross key changes and develop professionally. Here you'll find information on past webinars including resource downloads and feedback forms.

Wellbeing and You

FICA has collated a range of information and resources that may be of use to anyone loking for mental health and wellbeing support.

Yarder Tower

FICA administers this section of our website on behalf of yarder tower inspectors registered with FICA, to enable them to share information and improve the general condition of the cohort of yarder towers inspected and/or serviced by the group.

Be A Mate 

FICA has been working with A-OK Auckland to develop a forest industry-centric mental health and wellbeing programme. There are several mental health programmes (use mental wellbeing) available but this one has been developed specifically for the forestry industry, recognising the challenging work and environment we’re in every day.  In forestry our work mates/crew mates are our mates. The programme offers tools to use every day with an eye on those around you every day!

Industry Links