relevant information and support available

As a body representing our people at the frontline of forestry, FICA is collating business support available for contractors and workers.


MSD is offering a range of services and financial support to forestry contractors / business owners.

Regional Business Partnership Network

Through the Regional Business Partnership Network local business advisors can:

  • Give you information and tools to help build your skills and knowledge

  • Advise you on other government assistance that may be available

  • Introduce you to business networks

  • Connect you to other professionals and advisors who can help in different areas of your business

  • Support your research and development activities.

For advice and information on what help you might be eligible for, register your business and your local regional Business Partner will contact you. They can also help identify any gaps or opportunities in your business. There are 14 Regional Business Partners throughout New Zealand.


Management Capability Funding

Money may be provided to partly pay for workshops, courses and training aimed at developing your management capability. However, as this is a co-funding arrangement your business will need to pay at least half the training costs. Register with your local Regional Business Partner to discuss your business needs with a Growth Advisor.

Business Mentors NZ

A mentor is someone you trust, and who you can consult for business advice and guidance to assist your business or professional development. Business Mentors New Zealand is an independent national business mentoring service supporting New Zealand’s small business sector. The Business Health Check questionnaire will help you identify the key areas in your business that need the most attention. There are 14 questions to analyse your business performance.

Help to look after yourself and your staff has a variety of mental health and wellbeing support for business owners, and guidance on how they can support their people.


Redeployment support for employers

If you don't have any other options and you're looking at shutting down, the MSD Redeployment Support Service may help you. 

  • Redeployment seminars: these provide information about the support available to help people transition into new jobs and upskilling opportunities. E.g., Matching employers for employee sharing

  • One-to-one consultations: strength-based assessment and support catered to a staff member’s aspirations and needs

  • Redeployment expos: provide opportunities for staff to connect directly with employers and other organisations who can help

  • Collaborative events tailored to those at risk of losing their jobs, with a range of employers and organisations taking part.

Redundancy support

If you think you might need to make staff redundant or reduce their hours, MSD can provide rapid, confidential support and advice for you and your staff. This is available whether you’re downsizing, closing or relocating. MSD can:

  • Talk with you about your situation

  • Coordinate services with other agencies to support your staff, e.g., help your employees to identify their skills and match for redeployment.


Flexi-wage can help you hire staff and get them the skills needed to do the job. You get a wage contribution, while they can get training and ongoing support. Contact MSD about Flexi-wage before making staff redundant, as they may be able to provide support. This support could help an employee upskill to get a temporary job until their permanent role is available again, or to help them transition into a different job in another part of your business.

For example, John works in forestry harvesting but due to a recent downturn, work has dried up. The company don’t want to lose John but they only have work available in the planting sector and John needs additional qualifications for these roles. Flexi-wage could be used to keep John employed with the company by giving financial support to the employer while he trains to work in the planting sector, until harvesting work becomes available again.

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Redeployment support for employees

MSD has support available to support forestry workers to redeploy, upskill or stay employed. They can provide support and advice to keep you working.

Redeployment Support Service

If you are worried about redundancy or losing your job, talk to our Early Response Team before you make any decisions. We can help you with things like:

  • One-to-one consultations: assessing your skills so we can match people with other jobs or upskilling opportunities

  • Redeployment seminars: providing information about support available to help people transition into a new role


Financial support – check what you might get

If you can’t work at the moment, have lost your job, or are working fewer hours, you may be able to get financial help from us. This guide helps you find out how Work and Income can help you and your family. We’ll ask you some questions. You may want to have a friend or family member to help you. It will take around 5 minutes. At the end, we’ll tell you the payments we think you might be able to get.


Help with essential costs, even if you’re working

If you’re struggling to pay your rent or bills, you might be able to get some help, even if you’re still working, or on a low income. MSD could help with:

  • Food

  • Accommodation (rent, mortgage, board)

  • Power, gas and water bills or heating

  • Medical and dental costs

  • Car repairs

Even if you don’t think you qualify, contact MSD to talk about your situation.



Connected is a free service that can put you in touch with a range of employment, education, training support, and advice available through government agencies. Connected includes a website, phone line, and face-to-face service (no appointment needed).



MSD Key Contacts






Northland Wood Council

Pat Cody 

Regional Labour Market Advisor

029 273 4863

Auckland MSD

Nazneen Wadia

Regional Labour Market Advisor

029 951 2285

Central North Island Wood Council

Brent MacDonald

Regional Labour Market Advisor

029 200 9127

Waikato MSD

Kristian Te Nana

Regional Labour Market Advisor

029 200 1103

Eastland Wood Council

Daljeet Cameron

Early Response Labour Market Advisor

029 200 5545

Hawkes Bay Forestry Group

Robyn Leake

Regional Labour Market Manager

029 200 7048

Southern North Island Wood Council
(Whanganui and Masterton, Wellington)

Phil Rutene

Employment Liaison Advisor

029 247 5076

Top of the South Wood Council

Adela Steopan

Regional Labour Market Advisor

Canterbury – West Coast Wood Council

Jeff Herbert

Early Response Labour Market Advisor

029 201 3485

Southern Wood Council

Emilia St Baker

Early Response Work Broker

029 920 3375

Early Response Project Team


IRD support

If an adverse or emergency event affects your ability to make your tax payments and/or affects your income, tax relief and/or income assistance may be available depending on your personal circumstances and the particular event. 

Late filing and late payment penalties

If you’ve been unable to file returns on time, it’s important to contact IRD and discuss your options. They cannot grant extensions for GST and PAYE returns, but any penalties for late filing may be remitted. If you receive a letter advising your return is overdue it’s important you do not ignore the letter but contact your tax agent or Inland Revenue when you reasonably can. Under some circumstances penalties for late payments caused by the effects of the adverse or emergency event may also be remitted.


For some adverse or emergency events IRD can remove interest that has been charged if you were affected. If you’ve been affected by an emergency event, find out if interest can be removed at

Outstanding tax

IRD will consider instalments for outstanding tax in some circumstances. You can apply for a write-off due to serious hardship when you know you will not be able to pay the full amount.

Other Support 

IRD has a range of other support available relating to:

Support for Individuals / Families

  • Child Support

  • Working for Families

  • Tax Credits

  • Grants and relief payments (for individuals and families)

  • KiwiSaver

  • Donations

  • Student Loans

  • Tailored tax codes

Support for businesses and self-employed people

  • Provisional tax estimates/re-estimates

  • Certificate of exemption or tailored tax rate

  • Income equalisation scheme

  • Grants and relief payments (for businesses)

  • Insurance payout

  • Small Business Cashflow Scheme (loan)