Forest Industry Contractors Association is a membership based organisation representing the voice of New Zealand forestry contractors.

Formed in 2002, FICA currently has approximately 240 member companies and associate members in harvesting, silviculture, civil and roading. FICA aims to partner with other forestry entities and work in collaboration to support the growth, capability and promotion of the forestry industry throughout New Zealand. 

The Voice of Forestry Contractors

Our Vision

is a confident, resilient, and sustainable contractor workforce, ready to meet future demands and opportunities.

Our Purpose

 is to be the strong, informed, and respected voice of the forestry contractor community.

Our Why

is to drive the professionalism of forestry contractors and support our members to prepare for the changing industry environment, compliance, and future opportunities. 

Strategic Focus 1: Promotion

  • Strengthening the “social license” to operate

  • Encouraging entry into the contractor workforce

  • Growing the voice of the forestry contractor community

Strategic Focus 2: Education

  • Upskilling the contractor community

  • Prioritising safety in the workplace

  • Increasing best practice adoption and advancing industry professionalism

Our People

Rowan Struthers is the CEO of FICA, joining in March 2024. Our FICA Board is governed by volunteers who meet monthly and are elected at our AGM. 

FICA Members

Our FICA Member companies represent harvesting, silviculture, roading + civil contracting businesses throughout New Zealand. FICA Membership is renewed on an annual basis. 

FICA Sponsors

Our FICA sponsors provide awesome support and are backing our forestry contractors. Made up of suppliers, advisors and friends of the forestry industry, their support allows FICA to deliver on our strategic plan. 

FICA Code of Ethics

We represent the best in our industry as an influential and respected forestry industry leader. The FICA Code of Ethics is a shared commitment between FICA and our members, setting out our guiding principles and shared values. It upholds the essence of FICA and protects the integrity of our organisation and membership within our industry and beyond. FICA members include silviculture, logging/harvesting and road engineers and share a professional identity.


FICA is a founding member of the New Zealand Forest and Wood Sector Forum Pan-Sector Group. Ten organisations have signed an accord establishing as a pan sector body, and engage on issues of common interest or concern to the national industry and act as a spokesperson and point of contact for the industry with Government and other relevant bodies where appropriate.