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Outstanding Environmental Management - Loggabull Crew 14

Clearly committed to minimising their environmental impact while also productively logging challenging harvest areas, Loggabull Crew 14 won the Outstanding Environmental Management Award 2022 for Central North Island’s Forestry Awards.

They are a stable, experienced crew and have been working together for a long time. As a cable crew they operate in challenging areas and settings but are always looking for solutions when facing environmental challenges which makes them extremely adaptable.

Always looking at how to best utilise their gear, the topography and their skills, the crew is focused on avoiding damaging the significant natural areas.

They take pride in their site and strive to do their job to a high standard in all aspects.

Between the management they hold various advanced forestry harvesting operations and health and safety qualifications. The owner of crew works on the job, with their 2IC both being fully qualified trainers.

Congratulations Crew 14 – Loggabull, Outstanding Environmental Management at the 2022 Central North Island Forestry Awards.