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Press Release - First Ever Forestry Expo in Rotorua this week (18-19 Nov)

New Zealand’sfirst ever forestry expo event, the Fast & Forward Forestry Expo, is comingto Rotorua this Friday and Saturday 18-19 November. All are invited to attend.  

Brought to you by theForest Industry Contractors Association (FICA), CEO Prue Younger says theindustry is ready to put on a good show. 

“Our industry iscoming together, with more than 100 heavy machines being brought in rangingfrom one tonne to 60 tonne. We have sold-out all trade stands and sold-out the industrydinner with Jeremy Corbett as MC, so it promises to be a great event,” shesays. “and we welcome international visitors who have come over specially toattend the event”.

The Fast and ForwardForestry Expo is all about showcasing where forestry is today and where it’sheading in the future. MPI states that Forestry contributes an annual gross income of around $6.7 billionwhich makes up about 1.6% of New Zealand's GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Itemploys around 40,000 people in wood production, processing, and the commercialsector and wood products are New Zealand's third-largest export earner, behinddairy and meat.

“Let’s come togetherand feel proud of where forestry has got to today with mechanisation andtechnology, while also looking at future development opportunities. Everyone iswelcome.”

The Fast and ForwardForestry Expo will bring forestry to the rest of New Zealand, showcasinginnovation and advancements, career opportunities and the contribution forestrymakes to the New Zealand economy, while also providing a chance for industry tocome together. Trade stands will showcase all things forestry, from heaving machinery,equipment, technology, safety gear, new advancements, and innovations, toscience, forestry support services, careers and more.

Entertainment willinclude demos and logging challenges, children’s circus and entertainers, foodand beverage vendors. An industry dinner is also taking place at the EnergyEvents Centre on Friday 18 November, as part of the wider event. It willinclude a Charity Auction to support funding further tools for the industry tomanage mental health matters.


The Fast and Forward Forestry Expo is happening at the RotoruaRacecourse, Fenton Streeton Friday 18 November (9am-5pm) and Saturday 19November (9am-3pm). Koha entry at the gate. All welcome.