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Safetree as an APP

FICA & FISC have collaborated to provide an opportunity to make more resources and information accessible to our industry, in particular the contractors.

We've heard that people are keen to share and access “learning from everyday work” across the sector and this would be supported and welcomed. So as a test pilot, we've digitalised Safetree as an APP to bring the valuable and credible platform that we know the industry trusts and references often.
We are looking for 50 users to test drive this APP. Each user will be able to load up 2 devices on the account. In particular we want to test it across a spectrum of contractors so have allocated: 4 large, 15 medium and 30 small operators to be part of the pilot.
Current Safetree Resources on the APP are:

  • Tailgates – a selection of four various forms
  • Safety Alerts
  • Safetree Certification documents including a desk top audit
  • ACOP

The APP will work on site, on anyone’s smartphone and off the grid - how exciting will that be! So both you as the contractor and your staff will have easy access to the information on the APP.

As a trial user, you'll need to load it up and play with it for a few months. Then tell us what you like about it, access the quality of the resources and tell us what other resources you'd like to see. There is plenty of scope to load up a whole lot more up. For example the recent MicroInnovation challenge could have participant innovations accessible on the APP.
As a user we would share the activity reports back and get your feedback during or post pilot. So in three months we know how well this is working before we go to full development.
Send us an email reply today to confirm your interest to be a trial user, and we will send you access to start your trial asap.