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FICA E-newsletter - October 2022

The sun is shining today and long may it last, global warming certainly has been rampant and modified a normal spring/summer for us all.

There has been a bit happening in the space of the Industry Transformational Plan and submission gone through to Te Uru Rakau on the focus on a workforce that will be capable and skilled to manage any changes that the Plan is looking at, more mechanisation, domestic processing, biomass generation and opportuity for new markets. What is proposed with this plan will have an influence on our sector. 

We also worked on a collective response letter with NZFOA, WPMA, NZFFA, Ngā Pou ā Tāne and NZTIF which provided a great overview from the whole of industry each supporting what was important to each organisation.

We have engaged with the Tairawhiti - Eastland region over the last few months to support the inactivity and changes to the industry there that have seen over 20 contractors move out, fold up or reduce their crews. This is monumental for the region and regional leaders must stand up to support the forestry sector understanding the contribution it makes to the economy there and the jobs that will be impacted.

Markets are still in a ‘stable low’ for want of a better word, exchange rates are now better, but without any hints of coming right soon. Even more reason to continue the work around the national contract template and looking at what good looks like and webinars around Business 101.

Other things to mention are the work we are doing as a collective TAG for the hauler guarding project which will provide the industry with guidelines on what good looks like.

On the back of that we are still progressing everything ROVE with a near final BLUEPRINT going live next week to stakeholders.

Reminder this is just the first stage and we expect that there will be a few focus group meetings over the next 6 months.

Muka Tangata WDC has recently been working with forestry stakeholders to amend the current qualification structure that will allow for the development of a New Zealand Apprenticeship (Complex) in Forest Silviculture Operations (Level 4). Small amendments to the New Zealand Certificate in Forest Industry Operations (Planning and Monitoring) (Level 4) with strands in Harvesting, and Silviculture will allow a programme developer to a submit New Zealand Apprenticeship programme.

The planning & processing of the EXPO on 18-19 November is gathering momentum and I believe we will gather a great crowd. With the alignment of the FICA AGM and the 20-year anniversary it gives us a great platform to celebrate the success of FICA.

So as always plenty to work with and work on and we will catch you back next month with a few weeks before we get to see many of you in Rotorua.

Ka kite ano,