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Highly skilled and experienced - Paul O’Sullivan, Mike Edridge Contracting

As an integral part of the Mike Edridge Contracting Limited forestry earthworks team, Paul O’Sullivan is versatile and has the ability to operate a range of machinery and equipment. He is the recipient of the Roading Excellence Award at the Top of the South Forestry Awards 2022.

Paul’s high level of skill and experience with forestry roading and infrastructure, including environmental controls sees him never compromise safety, quality, or environmental compliance. He also seeks clarification if something doesn’t seem right.

With 21 years of experience Paul is very competent, capable, adaptable, personable and humble and even described as having a big personality.

Paul has great situational awareness of others, and his H&S management comes naturally, never putting people or environment in harm’s way.

Congratulations Paul O’Sullivan – Mike Edridge Contracting Limited, Roading Excellence award at the 2022 Top of the South Forestry Awards.