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Leading the Way - Grant Puklowski, Puklowski Silviculture

Forestry Awards Winner Snapshot

Having built a very successful silviculture business, Grant Puklowski at Puklowski Silviculture exemplifies a business operator who genuinely cares about his team and the work they achieve.

Grant is passionate about the ongoing success and future of the forest industry and has been recognised as the recipient of the Excellence in Forestry Award and the Skilled Professional of the Year Award at the Top of the South Forestry Awards 2022.

An example of excellence in forestry and supporting the industry workforce, Grant has been in the industry for some time now. He is constantly contributing to the industry and maintaining long serving employees as an employer of choice.

His leadership style is hands on – if something goes wrong, they try a different tactic, recognising no two people are the same.

They spend time getting to know their team and tailoring their approach. Training is designed to everyone’s needs and the crew are always encouraged to believe in themselves.

Within their business there’s a culture of doing the work right the first time. This pride in their work is through the whole Puklowski Silviculture team, recognising that the business is nothing without ‘their guys’.

Taking on young school leavers, Grant freely gives his time. Sharing his passion and knowledge of forestry, he is developing new recruits into highly sought-after forest workers. The Puklowski crew consistently achieves a high quality of work – nothing under 95% in all audits.

Grant says he loves working outdoors, the views, talks about planting in the snow, and working in an environment most people don’t get to see.

Congratulations Grant Puklowski – Puklowski Silviculture, winner of the Excellence in Forestry and Skilled Professional of the Year at the Top of the South Forestry Awards 2022.