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FICA E-Newsletter November 2023

The thought of just 6 weeks to Xmas is a slight panic given what's in the diary to complete before then. But, as always, we'll tick off a project at a time and we'll get there. I think everyone is looking to wave the end of 2023 off and get on with a new year, refreshed and prepared, as resilient as we are to move ahead with a positive spring.

As we await the incoming government to finalise ministers and policies, it's still business as usual or still a halt on progress in some government agencies. Some are hanging on the edge of their seats waiting to see if they have a job I would imagine. Every sector seems to have been challenged this year!

By now some of you will have seen my news that I am stepping back from the role at FICA end of March 2024. That's not far away but my "TO DO LIST" is full and I aim to get ticks beside each line before I hang up my high-viz. Until then, it's full steam ahead and no stopping until I cross the finish line.

It was exciting to get my video crew back out to the bush last week in the Central North Island and continue our "Contractors - Doing it Real" video series. They have been well supported and who needs to rehearse when the content that comes from the frontline experts is gold! Watch this space for the four new videos that add to our positive social licence and are also just darn good bugger stories.

I encourage anyone that can spare a day out of their world between now and mid-December to check out the programmes for both the workshops we have registrations open for - Future Proofing Contractors and Be a Mate : Hei Hoa te Ngahere below. If you are out of Tairawhiti and Hawkes Bay, you are still very welcome to come along. FREE and open to everyone. I also confirm the two workshops are available to members or non-members. REGISTER TODAY.

We had our AGM back in early Ocotober and due to the audited financials still not being completed, the annual report is not able to be distributed but we will send out AGM minutes, the completed annual report and fiancials when they come through.

I will finish this newsletter with another good story and follow up to our hui in Rotorua with pan sector leaders back in July. A group of key industry organisations have been working away on an ACCORD for a Pan Sector Group. This agreed document of why and how such a group would exist and operate is close to being signed off by all parties. The key to this group will be the clear objective as below:


The NZ Forest & Wood Sector Forum is established as a pan sector body to provide for the sector associations to engage on issues of common interest or concern to the national industry and, where appropriate, to act as a spokesperson and point of contact for the industry with Government and other relevant bodies.

The Forum will improve communication throughout the supply chain to ensure continued growth and ensure issues are managed with the interest of the whole sector in mind, on the basis it is socially responsible, environmentally and ecologically sustainable, internationally competitive and profitable.

If it's the last thing we get done this year, this will be a game changer and all parties currently associated are passionate to see this get over the line. Even current conversations and meetings with government have indicated this is long overdue.

Until next month, when the Xmas trees start to go up, I hope the month goes well for you all. Here's to continuing to work with some stability as the month remains static, while work from the industry around transformation continues for the future of forestry.

Be a Mate in Forestry - hei hoe te ngahere