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Woman in Forestry - Chrystal Edmonds

Described as very firm but kind and with a generous nature which can be an asset when it comes to dealing with staff, Chrystal Edmonds is the 2022 Woman in Forestry winner at the 2022 Hawkes Bay Forestry Awards. 

Known as very level-headed and a straight shooter, Chrystal is approachable and always available, always managing to bring her positive energy into any situation she encounters.

She is responsible for the company’s finances, employment issues and employment (HR), employees training plans and registration, cadetships and the day to day running of the business’s office and field functions.

Often, Chrystal is running a pilot or project to support challenges her community faces such as running a Rangatahi suicide prevention program and meth rehabilitation program for forestry workers and whanau and transitioning them back into, paid employment.  Having completed her qualification for conducting drug testing, she keeps her own skills and training up to date in this area, to take best care of those around her.

Health and safety results, environmental compliance, logging production and efficiency also receive keen focus under Chrystal’s management.

Currently she is working towards health and safety level 3 and 4 qualifications.

Well respected by the staff, she is definitely the person you want as your general when going to war & is the rock for the business.

We don’t believe there is a bow big enough to manage all the strings she plays.

Accolades to Chrystal Edmonds, Stirling Logging Ltd, Woman in Forestry winner at the 2022 Hawkes Bay Forestry Awards.