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Trainee of the Year - Hannah Allen

Hannah Allen, Chimpmunk Logging, is the 2022 Trainee of the Year at the Hawkes Bay Forestry Awards.  

The work of a trainee is physically & mentally demanding and requires a high level of skills & knowledge over a sustained period to be deemed competent for this high-risk task.

Gaining multiple skills and completing all qualifications set ahead of her, even excelling in some cases to a very high level, Trainee of the Year Hannah has been under the astute guidance of a close family member.

When it comes to training, Hannah has become very proficient, very quickly, and deserves recognition for what she has achieved.

Hannah is one of the few young people regionally that has applied herself and successfully achieved level 4 manual commercial tree felling status recently.

She has faced a number work and personal challenges along her learning journey that has tested her commitment.

Hannah has further ambitions in the forest industry and her next program of study is the New Zealand Certificate in Forestry Harvesting Operations Planning & Monitoring Level 4 which she has already started training towards.

Great work Hannah Allen, Chipmunk Logging Limited, Trainee of the Year at the 2022 Hawkes Bay Forestry Awards.