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Crew of the Year – Bay Forest Harvesting

Crew of the Year at the Hawkes Bay Forestry Awards, Bay Forest Harvesting has a team that is fully engaged and focused on the task. Read more below.

The Bay Forest Harvesting crew comprises a harvest line cable extraction machine, processor, grapple loader, felling machine, back line machine and a ground-based extraction machine.

Testament to the values, culture and comradery that exists within this crew, Bay Forest Harvesting staff in the current environment are reasonably transient, opting to change jobs as opposed to camping away or travelling too far to get to work each day.

Having been in their current forest for nearly two years the contractor is keeping their staff fully engaged and focused on the task.

The crew has been described as achievers, they work well with their allocated principal representative, they work within the environmental procedures, they request assistance only in times which are clearly outside of their harvesting task and come with options to reduce costs overall in settings where they have worked out different options to improve harvest.

The success of this crew would not have been possible without the commitment of the crew members to work at a remote location and that the crew owner has provided the leadership and maintained crew interest and morale. The maintenance of the crew has not been without its challenges and commitment from key members has maintained a productive and effective crew compliment.

Congratulations to Bay Forest Harvesting, Crew of the Year at the 2022 Hawkes Bay Forestry Awards.