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Breaker Out Excellence - Sean Mete

Sean Mete (Rosewarne Cable Loggers) is the Breaker Out Excellence Award winner at the 2022 Northland Forestry Awards.

Sean makes no secret of his love of forestry and those he works with.

Northland through and through, Sean has been a breaker out for more than a decade. He’s known as a great leader with a strong work ethic and would never let the team down.

He’s worked in some challenging conditions in recent years and is generally the one to keep the crew smiling. Sean has been instrumental in extraction planning of some of these big jobs and managed the guy down the hill with only positive feedback from audits.

Congratulations to Sean Mete from Rosewarne Cable Loggers, winner of the breaker out excellence award at the 2022 Northland Forestry Awards.