New Zealand Yarder Tower Inspections

Welcome to the New Zealand Yarder Tower Inspections website.

This website is administered by the Forest Industry Contractors Association (FICA) on behalf of yarder tower inspectors.

This group includes all those inspectors who are currently registered with FICA to maintain their competency as current on a periodic basis. Currently, peer-review competency checks are carried out biennially using an independent assessor.

Chartered professional engineers with other means of ensuring professional competency may also inspect yarder towers. All other yarder tower inspectors (who do not hold a degree in engineering and an IPENZ practicing certificate) are required to use this system.

The purpose of this website is for those yarder tower inspectors operating within the FICA system to share information among themselves for the purposes of improving the general condition of the cohort of yarder towers inspected and/or serviced by them.

Yarder Tower Reports

Maintenance of Yarder Towers

January 01, 2020

​The Best Practice Guidelines for Maintenance Inspection of Yarder Towers have been designed by FITEC to improve the safety of workers on yarder landings. The guidelines combine industry training standards and best practice information to provide a valuable reference manual for yarder owners and inspectors.

IRIS – Incident Recording Information System

Australian Std AS 4024

April 21, 2019

This guideline is aimed at employers, engineers, designers, manufacturers and distributors of machinery. WorkSafe New Zealand has also developed a set of factsheets for specific machinery. Though relevant to employers, these factsheets are mostly aimed at operators and employees.

Click here for the full copy.



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