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Thank you for your interest in becoming a FICA sponsor.

F          Forestry Industry Promotion & Careers

I           Industry Compliance & Care

C         Collaboration & Communication

A         Advocacy & Representation

Please review the options below and fill in the sponsorship form. Please note that we confirm sponsorships with a contract and an invoice.

Gold Sponsors
Annual Fee
$7,500 + GST
Business Partners
Annual Fee
$10,000 + GST
Strategic Partners
Annual Fee
$15,000 + GST

As a FICA Sponsor you’ll benefit from the following FICA sponsor package inclusions:


  • Recognition: All sponsors are recognised by status in a table of logos on FICA communications, including e-newsletters, website, magazine pages and included in events that FICA is involved with where possible

  • Affiliation: Acknowledging that all our members as affiliates of FICA, will understand and agree to the FICA Code of Ethics, bringing credibility and professionalism to the organisation (View the FICA Code of Ethics HERE

  • Communications / Invitations: You’ll be registered on communication and invitation databases for promotion of events and activities. We encourage you to attend and use these occasions as a networking opportunity You’ll also have the opportunity to add your key staff to the FICA database so that they’re included as well 

  • NZ Logger & Deals on Wheels: You’ll receive an annual complimentary subscription to NZ Logger Mag, with additional quantities reflecting your level of sponsorship. You’ll receive a complimentary subscription to Deals on Wheels. Plus, once a year Business & Strategic Partners get the opportunity to have a ½ page advert of your choice in the magazines

  • n3 Trade Card – Boost Programme: You’ll have complimentary annual membership to n3, with additional quantities reflecting your level of sponsorship and Boost, which is the brand-new employee benefits programme powered by n3 (View n3 benefits HERE)

  • Conference & AGMYou’ll be invited to attend the annual FICA conference, with some levels of sponsorship receiving options to take more than one person at the sponsorship discount

  • Workshops: You’ll receive invites to attend workshops throughout the year and as a Business & Strategic Partner will be acknowledged appropriate to level of sponsorship

  • Sponsor DiscountsYou’ll be able to access sponsor discounts as they are offered to FICA members 

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SIGN UP / RENEW Your Sponsorship

Please complete the membership form below to sign up or renew your sponsorship for another year. Information you provide will help us to keep your business and your key staff updated as part of your partnership package. Please note that we approve sponsorship applications and will confirm with an email and an invoice.