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Generation Programme Graduate of the Year - Rawiri Te Hiko

As a graduate of the Generation Programme, Rawiri Te Hiko has taken out the award for Graduate of the Year at the 2022 Central North Island Forestry Awards 2022.

Rawiri has focused on what he wants to do and been clear that if you want anything in this world, you need to give it your best shot.

Encouraged to explore a future in the Forestry industry, Rawiri soon demonstrated great sense of determination to complete the programme and make his own way in the world.

Rawiri loves a bit of fun but is also very diligent in his book work and respectful to those supporting him.

He passed his first drug test and was a class support to a fellow student that needed it. He was regular and punctual in his attendance.

He enjoyed being outdoors all day and being able to keep fit through work, as a serious league player who had competed at a national level.

Rawiri was also the first to be placed into employment post the Generation Programme.

Great work Rawiri Te Hiko, Generation Programme Graduate of the Year 2022 at the Central North Island Wood Council Awards.