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Well gelled and experienced – Bryant Logging

Forestry Awards Winner Snapshot

Bryant Logging’s 730 Hauler Crew is known to tackle the hard jobs that are more complex, with a lot more variables to disrupt consistency.

Named Crew of the Year at the 2022 Top of the South Forestry Awards, Bryant Logging 730 Hauler Crew are always looking after their teammates and are a well organised, professional crew.

They boast a great age range in the crew, from one that started in the industry only a couple of months ago to a staff member who has over 64 years’ experience.

730 Hauler Crew at Bryant Logging are a well gelled and experienced team, having a professional attitude when tackling paperwork and planning. They have the ability to complete all work tasks, particularly health and safety and are always meeting environmental requirements.

Congratulations Bryant Logging 730 Hauler Crew, Crew of the Year at the 2022 Top of the South Forestry Awards!