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Expert QC Jessie-Lee

After finishing school and doing a stint at a local apple packhouse in the Hawkes Bay, Jessie-Lee Bush was approached by her Mum’s boss at DG Glenn Logging (DGL) to work there as a QC (Quality Controller) under the FICA MSD Harvesting Subsidy.

Eligible for the FICA MSD Harvesting Subsidy as a new “Kiwi local” recruit to forestry, Jessie-Lee was offered a job and thought she’d give it a try, joining the team in September 2021.

DGL employs more than 150 staff around the Hawkes Bay area, with harvesting, haulage and workshop arms to the business. 

Mum Jennifer Kihi-Tressider has been working with the company for 22 years and operates all machinery at the Pan Pac mill where her team is based.

“She can pretty much do everything except drive the trucks,” says Jessie-Lee. 

With a state-of-the-art scanning machine in their fleet, Jessie-Lee was first trained on the basics of stencilling and quality control, as well as receiving full health and safety training as part of her induction.

“I QC and stencil and scan knot sizes using the scanner for the best possible outcome, before they get sent over to the saw to be cut,” adds Jessie-Lee. 

DGL Foreman Matt Glenn says Jessie-Lee has been doing an awesome job so far.

“Jessie picked up stencilling and QC very quickly. She now operates the scanner for our plant and is learning to operate one of our high stackers and is doing very well,” he says.

“She’s also great when it comes to bookwork and passing the required qualifications.”

Office Manager Sharyn Scurr adds “Jessie quickly showed her enthusiasm towards furthering her career by completing the required forestry micro credentials and a full first aid course.”

When asked what she enjoys most about working in forestry, Jessie-Lee says she likes the responsibility she has working on her own, in her own machine.

“You get to do your own thing. I like working individually in my own machine, doing things on my own. It’s been a cool job so far.”

Sharyn says the FICA MSD Harvesting subsidy has been great for the business.

“The funding provided from FICA has allowed DGL to employ young people with no experience but that have a great attitude towards learning,” she says.

“It supports the cost of our in-house trainers, spending quality one-on-one training time with trainees. FICA has also offered support in the way of structuring a learning programme, with personal catch ups with Jessie-Lee and our admin team.”

Finding success with Jessie-Lee, DGL have since employed a second trainee as part of the subsidy programme.

“Shaydan has already completed 3 of the necessary micro-credentials and is under supervision breaking out,” says Sharyn.

“A couple of weeks ago the crew were rained out so we asked Shaydan to complete what he could at the office. He turned up at 6am with a fantastic attitude and completed one-on-one training. You couldn’t ask for more really.”