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Pan Sector Group Update

You may recall that as a result of the ‘Reality Check’ meeting lead by FICA in July 2023 that a Pan Sector Group (NZ Forest & Wood Sector Forum, NZFWSF) was formed.

The group includes representatives from accross the industry including forest owners, farm forestry, wood processing, Maori forestry, energy, transport and more. The purpose of the group is to speak as one voice to the Government and other stakeholders to promote the interests of the forest industry.

One of the undertakings at the ‘Reality Check’ meeting was that each delegate needed to report back to our respective members on progress.

I attended my first meeting of the group this week. There was wide ranging discussion about many topics. Of most interest were discussion on the labour and economic uncertainty in the industry and the impact on the workforce, domestic processing under the fast track bill, reincarnation of the ITP, a National Forest Policy, health and safety reform, government direction on supporting use of timber in building and construction, industry lead training and skills development, Tairawhiti - concern about the future viability of forestry in region and the need for Central Government intervention.

Great to get the opportunity to get around the table with Industry leaders, I look forward to working with the Group to make real change.