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FICA E-newsletter - Jan Feb 2024

This is the first newsletter for 2024 and I trust this finds you all back at work, relaxed and rested and ready to hit 2024 head on!

It is a bit scary as there is just one more newsletter to go before I step down from my role with FICA. As this first month of the year has almost disappeared, the year looks set to roll on quickly. I am pleased to say those I have spoken to in the industry have already had a good start, eased back into it and safety starts are all done and dusted without a hitch.

I think the weather has been a contributing factor to that, but we will take the high temps and sunshine while we can. Please as you all know hydration is so exceptionally important at these times.

Even though the finish line is ahead of me and close, there are a number of initaitives that have to come across that line with me. So I am pleased we have got the Pan Sector Group agreed and signed up to an ACCORD providing the communications, dialogue and industry specific collective solutions to happen now. The next completion project on the go will be the Hauler Guarding BPG, a few tidy ups and we will have it out next month.

We gather in Wellington this week with over 20 silviculture contractors to review the ACOP sections pertinent to this sector and an introduction to the development of the Thinning for Value BPG. Forme are underway with a Business Model of Silviculture for our industry so again another piece of work that FICA is keen to get over the line.

And as we completed our NIWE Workshops last year for Future Proofing Contractors and Be a Mate, there are five industry folk going through intensive training to be able to deliver these programmes internally - watch this space.

Next month the FICA Board will engage with a review of our Strategic Plan. Through the feedback we received from the member survey last year, the focus will be on how to deliver to that feedback. 

Finally check out below the Silviculture Micro Innovation Challenge - if you have got a great idea to solve a silviculture problem or to make planting, pruning, and/or thinning better? Visit to register your innovation and be in to win $15,000 to build it to try out. The Challenge is Live until Friday 8 March, 2024.

Until then the work is coming in thick and fast and the industry appears to be back in force, so fingers crossed the weather stays kind and the export and domestic markets remain stable.