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Repost - How NZ could become a world leader in decarbonisation using forestry and geothermal technology

Energy is the double-edged sword at the root of the climate crisis. Cheap energy has improved lives and underpinned massive economic growth. But because most of it comes from burning hydrocarbon fuels, we’re now left with a legacy of high atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and an emissions-intensive economy.

But what if we could flip the energy-emissions relationship on its head? We would need a technology that both generates electricity and removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

The good news is this technology already exists. What’s more, New Zealand is perfectly positioned to do this “decarbonisation” cheaper than anywhere else on the planet.

And the timing couldn’t be better, with the government’s first Emissions Reduction Plan (released yesterday) calling for bold projects and innovative solutions.

This is an article from The Conversation. Read the full story by CLICKING HERE