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Cyclone State of Play Survey

We need your feedback - we also want to support all contractors not just FICA members at this time - important to put a whole of industry hat on this support. 

Given the current catastrophic weather emergency in Northland, Tairawhiti/Gisborne and Hawkes Bay – FICA is very keen to get as much information back about the current state of the nation on individual contractors who were working within these areas and this will escalate the support, we are able to seek from government and other agencies. Please if you are affected or know of others that are in your region, please give us answers to four simple questions:

  1. Location of work?

  2. How many employees have been impacted?

  3. Has equipment been damaged?

  4. Can you see production starting up again in the next few weeks – months or maybe not likely?

EMAIL your answer to

Please report on anyone else you know about or share this info. Yours as a key advocate for contractors.