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MSD Support

If you’re a contractor and don’t have any new work to go to, you may be able to help your staff by working with WINZ/MSD to either find them work in other industries, subsidise them into different roles, or at the very least help them fast track accessing benefits. Although this may not be the ideal outcome contractors are pursuing or wanting, it may be a back-up plan to help employees. 

The MSD team may be able to help you retrain and keep your staff on or support them to find a new job. It is best to contact MSD as early as possible, even if no decisions have been made yet.

MSD may be able to help by:

  • exploring options to support you and your business

  • providing advice to help make decisions

  • helping your staff plan ahead

You can email MSD’s Early Response team or call their Employer Line on 0800 778 008. 

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