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Roading Excellence – Pnut Ross

With a good character and full dedication to his crews and fellow contractors, Terence (P’nut) Ross, Gair Contracting, is the Roading Excellence Winner at the 2022 Hawkes Bay Forestry Awards.

The quality of P’nut’s work for the company and clients along with his skill and professionalism and service to the community over many decades makes him second to none among his peers.

P’nut is the longest serving team member in his team, with over 32 years of service to the company.

He continues to run all of the forest roading and maintenance operations and has dedicated himself to growing and training many operators, and to form high performing teams in the bush.

P’nut has been pivotal in the growth of Gair Contracting ,dedicated to both the business and that of the forest owners while also driving productivity. He has an eye for detail and understands the importance of delivering a completed job right the first time.

No problem is too big for him to tackle, or too small for him to take the time to work through to completion. Thanks for many years of excellent execution, leadership and setting a fine example to others.

Congratulations Terence (P’nut) Ross, Gair Contracting, Winner of Roading Excellence at the 2022 Hawkes Bay Forestry Awards.