Looking for work? Want to save the world? Or just save some money?

Have we got the job for you! New Zealand’s set a goal to plant a billion trees by 2028 and, well, a billion trees aren’t going to plant themselves. That’s where you come in. We’re looking for 500 people to take up our 12-week $10,000 challenge. You plant trees, get fit, make mates and make $10K in wages – maybe even more. The more you plant, the more you make. Sound like a bit of you? Register your details below.

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Please note: to have your registration accepted to work in this sector, must be living and eligible to work in New Zealand and be able to pass a drug test.

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$10,000.00 calculated at 37.5 hours a week at the New Zealand minimum wage of $20.00 per hour for 12 weeks, plus two $500.00 bonuses: one paid at 30 days of employment and the second at 91 days of employment. Roles are available with participating Forestry Industry Contractors Association members. Terms, conditions and commitments will apply as part of individual employment agreements.