Social Psychology

From learning about personalities and behaviours at home and at work, to understanding cognitive behaviour and busy brain syndrome theory, these social psychology workshops will enlighten you. Gain new understanding of how your brain works and learn tips and tricks to keep you safe and well always.

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Work, Family, Whanau

Ideal For: Crews (12 – 50 people)

Cost: $500 + GST per person (Discounted 50%)

Duration: ½ day

Course Overview:

Pio’s appearances as a comedian, actor, radio show host, musician and performer have established him as one of New Zealand’s most popular television and radio entertainers. He has been involved in the development Toolbox's Building Awesome Whanau programme and delivers The Parenting Show with Pio around the country. He has presented across the country for FICA, adapting presentations to include the similarities of work and home space and personalities, along with how both impact on each other. Pio has some great tips, tools and advice with his unique mix of light-hearted and deep and meaningful delivery.

What your people will get:

  • Recognise the similarities of work and home space and personalities

  • Take home some useful tips, tools and advice 

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Busy Brain Syndrome
-Not Available until 2022-

Ideal For: Crews / Workers (12 – 50 people)

Cost: $500 + GST per person (Discounted 50%)

Duration: ½ day

Presenter: Dr Lucia Kelleher, Busy Brain Syndrome

Course Overview:

Dr Lucia Kelleher, a behavioural neuroscientist, discovered Busy Brain Syndrome (BBS) from her Ph.D. studies. BBS manifests as attention overload due to too much environmental stimulus, causing brain fatigue, which in turn halves the brain's processing attentional bandwidth. A sought-after speaker, Lucia has decades of experience helping businesses develop people in safety critical roles to take personal responsibility for being safe people consistently.

What your people will get:

Learn about:

  • Busy Brain Syndrome the root cause of ‘stress’ and overwhelm

  • The ‘unconscious’ brain holds the power over your habits

  • Behaviour change – visibility of progress is critical

  • How to control distraction, BE an aware person

  • Neuroscience of ‘brain energy’ – conservation is hard wired

  • Busy Brain Syndrome and mobile phone addiction

  • What is social media doing to our brains

  • BB, social defaults and customer/consumer behaviour

  • Aware Leaders – people do what you do, not what you say

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Pressing the Right Buttons

Ideal For: Crews / Workers 

Cost: Price on Application

Duration: 2 x 90 minute sessions

Presenter: Allison Mooney

Course Overview:

Regardless of what organisation we are in, the common thread is that we all deal with 
people. Transformation occurs when we understand, respect and celebrate each other’s
differences. By understanding what motivates us, we would find greater significance in 
who we are, and value in what we do, resulting in greater productivity. Allison speaks to this.


This fun, fast paced mind-unzipping presentation will infuse in each attendee the desire 
to use the concepts of; The 4 Critical keys of influence effectively; Work out what makes people tick; Understand what they really want; See things as they see them; Speed read them; Communicate in a way that makes them want to listen and respond;  Know what makes people engage in the workplace. 

1. To help individuals recognise their strengths and capabilities
2. To help organisations grow, by developing confident and competent team  players and to have a fun day. 
3. To bring awareness of our style of influence so we can communicate effectively, by modifying and flexing to those who see the world differently 

What your people will get:

  • Better relate and understand why people act the way they do and adapt their own style to the needs of the situation.

  • Increase individual pride, value and worth.

  • Raise their skills and techniques to better deal with people

  • Be able to strengthen relationships 

  • Build strong positive attitudes both personally and professionally

  • Increase business profitability and core competencies by concentrating staff attention on essential people issues, working in an thriving environment that complements their style.

  • Improve productivity, and job satisfaction 

What other people say: 

“She understands people like fishermen know their fish!”


Safety and Resiliency

Ideal For: Crews / Workers (12 – 50 people)

Cost: $1,500.00 + GST per session, no limits on number attending (Discounted 50%)

Duration: 1.5-hours

Presenter: Lance Burdett – Founder & Director of WARN International Ltd.

Course Overview:

This course provides an understanding of why we have trouble focusing across the workday.


Understanding how the brain processes and retrieves information provides us a greater ability to reduce over-thinking & worry, to reduce the impact of challenging events, and to self-motivate and stay alert.


Utilise techniques used by the elite sectors of police, prisons, emergency responders and the special forces to maintain a positive mindset and manage physical and psychological wellbeing. Teamwork, regular briefings, and continually resetting our thoughts keep us focused.


Understand how to effectively manage workplace and personal challenges to separate work from home, switch off at the end of a busy day, get to sleep within a few breathes and stay asleep all night.

What your people will get:

Frontline staff will immediately notice a reduction in stressors and be better equipped to manage change, uncertainty, and adversity. They will have greater engagement and be far more resilient.


For supervisors and managers, we have longer courses covering topics such as contemporary communications, ways to quickly de-escalate and engage with those who might cry, become angry, or aggressive, how to identify when staff are struggling with their negative or suicidal thoughts and how to effectively manage anyone who needs support.


We also provide courses on personal safety for lone workers, managing workplace change, preparing and responding to emergencies, and how to lead & manage teams.