NES-PF Guidance - Ministry for Primary Industries

21 May 2018 


MPI has developed guidance to help you understand and implement the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF). 

You can download the entire guides of just the parts that are relevant to you.

Guides to support the NES-PF implementation

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has guidance to support the implementation of the NES-PF. It is targeted at the primary users of the NES-PF:

  • Regional councils

  • Territorial authorities

  • The forestry industry

Depending on your role, different parts of the guidance will be more relevant to you. You can either download specific parts of the NES-PF guidance or an entire guide.

Download an entire guide

Three guides are available:

  • NES-PF user guide

  • NES-PF plan alignment guide

  • NES-PF consenting and compliance guide

NES-PF user guide

The user guide is the primary guidance to help councils and foresters interpret the regulations. It includes an overview of the NES-PF, as well as detailed information on the plantation forestry activities regulated under the NES-PF.

NES-PF user guide [PDF, 2 MB]

Plan alignment guide

This guidance helps councils align their plans with the NES-PF. It includes information on:

  • How to identify rules that conflict with or duplicate the NES-PF

  • How to remove that conflict or duplication

  • When plan rules may be more stringent than the NES-PF.

NES-PF guidance – plan alignment [PDF, 703 KB]

NES-PF consenting and compliance guide

This provides operational guidance for councils and foresters on specific aspects of the NES-PF, such as compliance monitoring and management plans.

NES-PF consenting and compliance guide [PDF, 748 KB]

Find specific guidance

The 3 NES-PF guidance documents cover all aspects of the NES-PF. If you're after guidance on a specific subject, you can find the parts most relevant to you, rather than download an entire guide.

Guidance resources on specific subjects are on 3 web pages:

Transitional guidance

This page has information for councils and foresters about how the regulations work and how they relate to existing plans and consents. It covers how to align plans or existing forestry activities with the NES-PF.

Specific forestry activities

This page focuses on the 8 core plantation forestry activities, the ancillary activities, and the general provisions in the NES-PF. It includes an overview of each activity and how to interpret the relevant permitted activity conditions.

Operational guidance

This page has administrative and management information for councils. Topics include processing resource consents, compliance monitoring, monitoring charges, written notices of forestry activities, and requesting and reviewing management plans.

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