What does FICA do? As the voice of contractors, FICA aims to partner with other forestry entities and work in collaboration to support the growth, capability and promotion of the forestry industry throughout New Zealand. Here you'll find info on the latest programmes and initiatives FICA is delivering and/or contributing to.

Nationwide Recruitment Campaign

The Find Your Fit in Forestry Recruitment Campaign has been launched, with a universal platform web platform, TikTok videos and more. An initiative of the Forestry & Wood Processing Workforce Council, MPI is supporting this project. 

Contractor response to Covid-19

FICA has been liaising between contractors and Government throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. This includes securing a "bubble of one" status for contractors in lockdowns, and securing a bulk-order of Rapid Antergen Tests (RAT) before these were widely available on the NZ market.

Highlighting Supply Chain Issues

FICA is constantly advocating for contractors in relation to ongoing supply chain issues. We are collaborating with NZFOA, FFA and NZIF, advising MPI and focusing on taking a long-term view of forestry as an essential service.

FICA Harvesting Subsidy

Following the success of the Silviculture Subsidy, FICA partnered with the Ministry of Social Development to offer support for harvesting contractors employing NEW “Kiwi Locals” with a Harvesting Subsidy. 

Fast & Forward Forestry Expo

NZ’s first event of this kind, the inaugural Fast & Forward Forestry was held in Rotorua 18-19 November 2022. The expo event brought the forestry industry together and showcased forestry to the rest of NZ. The aim is to hold the event every 2-3 years. Watch this space.  


A Mates4Life pilot programme was undertaken in Hawke’s Bay & Central North Island, upskilling to address mental wellbeing challenges. 2023 will investigate an initiative specific to forestry – “Be a Mate”.

Winch Assist BPG/Yarder/Hauler Guidelines

FICA has led a project to develop a set of Winch Assist BPG/Yarder/Hauler Guidelines to improve safety and consistency in this space. 

RoVE Involvement

The Review of Vocational Education (RoVE) project is ongoing and we know this is crucial to our industry to provide practical, relevant, on the job training that is industry-led. FICA is playing an active role in the RoVE, including participating in the FRAG (Forestry RoVE Advisory Group). 

Immigration Class Exception for Forestry Work

FICA is actively advocating and applying for additional spaces to get more workers on the ground in NZ faster. So far 350 have been granted, with more being requested.  

25k microinnovation challenge

A new micro innovation challenge, endorsed by FICA and funded by Worksafe, trials a new process and fund to support micro innovation among forestry crews. The three winning innovators will receive up to $25,000 each to develop their concept into a prototype. The Challenge is focussed on finding technical solutions to problems forestry workers face on a daily basis. Applications open 18 July 2022 - watch this space. 

Silviculture Challenge

A campaign run earlier in 2022 was looking for people to plant trees, to help us meet Aotearoa’s goal of planting a billion of them by 2028. The Silviculture Challenge paid $10K in wages in 12 weeks to new silviculture recruits. 

Government Advocacy

FICA actively advocates to Government on behalf of contractors on a range of issues including export markets and log price fluctuations, fuel prices, labour issues, extreme weather events and working conditions in New Zealand.  

Safetree Certification

FICA engages with and collates contractor feedback in relation to Safetree Certification, to help strengthen the programme and represent the views of contractors.

FICA Silviculture Subsidy

The FICA Silviculture Subsidy is based on a series of milestones with support payments to both the employer and employee. So far FICA has paid out $500k+ to silviculture contractors to help fill gaps in the workforce.

“Learning from everyday work” app

A trial is underway for a new "Learning from everyday work" app to improve reporting and learnings being disseminated through to contractors.

Generation Programme

FICA supports the Generation Programme, an initiative of the Eastland Wood Council and the Central North Island Wood Council. The Generation Programme is a ‘real world’ learning experience combining industry training and employment. 

Regional Forestry Awards

FICA supports the Regional Forestry Awards held throughout New Zealand. These recognise excellence in forestry and celebrate our successes. 

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