Health and Safety

Develop your Health and Safety superstars or upskill yourself, with these health and safety focused courses. From developing your health and safety workplace culture to understanding staff wellbeing and developing a drug and alcohol policy with appropriate drug and alcohol testing, there’s something for everyone in the health and safety space.


Health & Safety Rep Course

Ideal For: Health and Safety representatives / coordinators

Cost: $1000 + GST per person (Workshop Space: 12 – 50, discounted subsidy on application)

Duration: 2 full days

Course Overview:

The role as a Safety Representative is to encourage the ‘voice of the workers’ to be heard. This programme provides the ‘essential skills’ for Reps to be able to effectively and positively interact with all teams as part of their core role to lift safety capability and increase participation.

What your people will get:

  • Leadership is Influence - focusing people on key results

  • How to communicate to people who are different from myself…

  • People are the solution – not the problem: How to get workers involved in making good safety decisions in the bush

  • True safety is the presence of positives. Focusing our teams on learning from things going right… not just waiting for things to go wrong.

What other people say:

“This course has been so valuable – it’s hard to pick one tool out…proves you’re never too old to learn” -Skipps Logging

Oral Versus Urine

Ideal For: Health and Safety representatives / coordinators

Cost: $500 + GST per person (12 – 50 people, discounted 50%)

Duration: ½ day

Presenter: Ann-Louise Anderson, DrugWise

Course Overview:

Saliva drug testing and urine drug testing at your workplace provide the ability to determine recent use or habitual use.

Saliva testing is less invasive than urine testing and is preferred by employees and Unions whilst having many advantages for employers, the combination of these factors making good business sense to adopt saliva work place drug testing.

Drugwise offers Education / Training services and can assist with the development of your workplace drug and alcohol policy and procedures.

What your people will get:

  • Understand the differences between oral and urine drug testing

  • Weigh up the pros and cons of each including cost, recency, invasiveness, convenience and more

  • Overview of the pending Joint New Zealand Australian Standards for Oral Fluid Testing

  • Overview of drug and alcohol policy and what you need to know

What other people say:

“Good course and great resources. Love your coaching style and appreciate your knowledge.”– Raewyn, Auckland

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KYND - Healthy Thinking and Dr Tom

Ideal For: Contractors / Business Owners

Presenter: Dr Tom Mullholland

Course Overview:

Dr Tom is on a mission to test and measure the wellness and risk of rural people throughout New Zealand, talking about health and wellbeing in communities and helping unlock the tools people need to get back on track.He is passionate about people measuring and managing their health. 


As a Forest Service trainee he then became an Emergency department doctor and Rural GP and founded the Thealthy Thinking Institute and KYND wellness Ltd. 


KYND is a risk assessment tool app that measures employee health and wellbeing. It is constructed by a series of questions, that provides employees with scores for their physical (BODY), mental (MIND) and social (LIFE) health. KYND measures things such as blood pressure, fatigue, sleep, hearing, vision  anxiety and stress levels.  


KYND is a completely confidential app, with employers not having access to any individual data. Employers receive reports, with general, anonymised data about their employees in the form of graphs and conclusions.

What other people say:

“KYND was a game-changer for me. If we can contribute to our people’s mental health and happiness, which is part of being healthy, then we can get better safety outcomes for all. It’s all about getting home safely every day.” — Wayne Dempster, Rayonier

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