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Ideal For: Contractors / Business Owners (12 – 50 people)

Cost: $500 + GST per person (Discounted 50%)

Duration: ½ day

Presenter: Sonya Elmiger, Blackburne Group

Course Overview:

For your business to be most profitable, you need to have an overall understanding of your financials. Cut through the accounting jargon and technical information, with this beginners financials session that will give you an overview of how your business is performing financially.   

What your people will get:

  • Understand key accounting jargon and terminology

  • Learn how to read your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet

  • Interpret key figures to give you a picture of where you are financially

  • Forecast your cashflow like a pro

  • Understand expenses and how they affect your bottom line 

  • Tips and tricks to help you be your most profitable

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