Frontline Leadership

From helping your crews work smarter and be smarter, to understanding learning reviews and how they can help your business and crews, the suite of frontline leadership workshops is all about developing your people and supporting them to fulfil their potential.


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Safetree Leadership Workshops

Ideal For: Supervisors and Foremen and Crews

Cost: Confirmed on enquiry (minimum group of 10 required)

Course Overview:

The true test of our leadership is: What happens when no one is watching? What do people choose to do when they are left to make their own decisions? These two days will provide your leaders with the skills to set the tone as a leader and will help create a safer and more productive worksite.

What your people will get:

•      How to lead a high-performance team – focussed on key results (incl. Safety)

•      How to effectively communicate to people who are different from themselves

•      How to get workers involved in solving problems and making good Safety decisions

•      How to hold people accountable without bullying

•      Learning to focus on learning from things going right, not waiting for things to go wrong

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Team Up

Ideal For: Contractors / Crews (12 – 50 people)

Cost: $500 + GST per person (discounted – subsidy on application)

Course Overview:

Team Up programme will help your crews work smarter, be better at their jobs and keep themselves and their mates safe on the job.

What your people will get:

The workshop will help crews develop the skills to:

  • Improve their communication skills… communication affects everything!

  • Create team goal/s – and solid plans to achieve their goals

  • Get better results, through making better decisions

  • Solve problems as a team – use the strength of many brains

  • Grow their abilities and career potential

What other people say:

“Connect with people more – get to know their story, know where they come from, where they are and where they want to go! Help them go there…” - FPS


MILO - Leadership Reviews

Ideal For: Contractors / Crews (12 – 50 people)

Cost: $1500 + GST per day (discounted 75%) plus travel

Duration: 1 day

Course Overview:

What is a Learning Review and how is it different from a traditional investigation? Learning Reviews differ from traditional investigations in their purpose, the way they’re conducted and the focus of the recommendations. The purpose of a Learning Review is to learn and improve. They’re conducted in a way that is designed to uncover how the incident happened, including things that might not be revealed by a traditional investigation. The recommendations are focused on improving the whole ‘system’ (the way work is done in forestry) rather than on individuals.

What your people will get:

A simple, engaging process to improve the way they work completed in two steps. This workshop teaches and empowers workers as the experts they are in their forestry roles and allows them to contribute to their workplace in meaningful ways.

What other people say:

“Extremely practical.”

“An excellent resource.”

“Roll it out industry wide!”

“I can put this into action.”