From getting a handle on your numbers in your business as a beginner, to learning the art of negotiation and knowing your costings, the selection of financial workshops available will help you make your business more profitable and sustainable.

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Business Basics

Ideal For: Contractors / Business Owners (12 – 50 people)

Cost: Price on Application

Duration: 2-3 hours

Presenter: Blackburne Group Chartered Accountants

Course Overview:

How profitable / productive is your business and where could improvements be made? You can’t monitor what you can’t measure, so understanding your financials is fundamental to achieving optimal results. 

What your people will get:

  • Understand the key measures for your business (i.e. key performance indicators) 

  • Practical Reporting tips

  • Profit vs cashflow

  • Cashflow Management 

  • Considerations for Financing

  • Introduction to Asset Protection

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Negotiation Skills

Ideal For: Contractors / Business Owners (Minimum of 10 people)

Cost: $490 + GST per person (Discounted 50%)

Duration: 1 day

Presenter: The Learning Wave

Course Overview:

The Negotiation Skills workshop enables you to build confidence when negotiating, by understanding and applying the fundamental principles involved in good and fair negotiations. 

What your people will get:

  • Understanding and confidently applying the principles of negotiation process

  • Understanding what is involved in the negotiation process

  • Prepare confidently for every situation including “on the spot” negotiations

  • Identify and value your own interests and those of the other party

  • Identify your own limits, most favourable position and best alternative to a negotiated agreement and for those of the other party

  • Use communication skills in negotiation

What other people say:

“I really enjoyed the course, I think that the facilitator made some good points, and probably reminded me personally to remember that a fair negotiation is reflected in both parties getting what they need and by keeping it a little humorous at times, the facilitator certainly got good interaction. Certainly, a course that I think would add value to a contractor’s skill set particularly if they are also understanding and improving their costing analysis.”

- Nathan Fogden, Inta-Wood Forestry Ltd