Civil Roading


Forestry is of major importance to New Zealand's economy.


Within the Forestry Industry is Civil and Forestry Earthworks.

Scope of Civil Roading



Connexis is the industry training organisation for New Zealand’s infrastructure industries.


We provide nationally recognised qualifications developed with industry, for industry to help our people skill up and get recognised. The infrastructure industries change rapidly. We are constantly reviewing and updating our qualifications to deliver the ideal blend of industry relevant theory, and real-world practice.

Foundation Qualifications: Forestry Earthworks NZQA Ref: 3782

New Zealand Certification in Infrastructure Works (Forestry Earthworks) Level 4

Quick Facts:

  • Level 4

  • 120 credits

  • 19 months

Is this qualification for you?

This qualification is for people who have the technical knowledge and skills to work under broad guidance, producing quality outcomes, coordinating a team of forestry earth workers on site.

A Forestry Earthworks Apprenticeship may be for you if you work on a forestry worksite.

Learn how to:

Read and make plans for forestry earthworks

Ensure you are working within environmental, sustainability and safety standards

Work within a team and with other forestry users

Meet worksite requirements using flexible work practices

These Civil Infrastructure Apprenticeships are registerd on the NZQA framework and provide a structured career pathway from Level 3 to Level 4.

Consider the Base Level Foundation Qualifications to get you started in to Forestry


Check out this qualification which provides a great foundation for anyone wanting to move into a technical role. You learn the basics of working on an infrastructure worksite and have the option to specialise in one of five key areas: Bitumen Surfacing Construction, Civil, Forestry Earthworks, Pipeline Construction & Maintenance or Piling.

Apprenticeships now available in:
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Real Life Story

Meet Mikey Robinson, Operations Manager at Gaddum Construction, Rotorua


What is your role / job title and what do you specialise in?

I am the Operations Manager at Gaddum Construction, Rotorua. At Gaddum Construction we specialise in the construction of infrastructure on steep and challenging terrains.

What qualifications have you completed?

I have completed the following:

1. New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure (Forestry Earthworks) Level 4
2. Civil Trade Certificate in Road Construction and Maintenance – Forestry Earthworks

Why did you complete your qualification?

To better myself and get another notch in the belt. I’m interested in career progression and being Civil Trade Certified was one of my goals.

What does completing your qualification mean to you? (ie career wise, personally, to family & friends, your employer & work mates)

I’ve got four young kids and I want them to see that there is more to life than just being an operator. It’s possible to get ahead if you take the opportunities that come along. I’d like to see more people give things a go.

What next from here?

I’ve enrolled for the next Connexis assessor course. I enjoy training others especially on machinery. Training is something that really interests me.

What are 3 words or a phrase you would use to describe yourself?

  1. Professional.

  2. Keen to succeed.

  3. Always striving for excellence.

See the Connexis Civil Trades Certification Brochure for more information