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AGM Conference

8 & 9 November 2019

We’re hitting the big smoke & going to island hop our way to a good time!

We welcome you to discover the bustle of Auckland and the beauty of Waiheke Island.

If you have never been to Waiheke Island, then in just one afternoon you will get a taste for what it has to offer and more likely return to spend a leisurely weekend there soon.


The Forest Industry Contractors Association invite you to attend and showcase your company at the 2019 Annual AGM Conference

We look forward to bringing you a professionally organised AGM and conference and being able to meet your expectations of networking with the industry and providing a load of fun within a great programme.


The conference will run over 2 days with plenty to keep you entertained and plenty of activities that is sure to make your trip to Auckland and Waiheke Island so worthwhile. We welcome you and a partner to this intriguing location.


The conference will add value to your business/company by:

  • Connecting with others in the industry

  • Bringing contractors, service providers, sponsors and members together

  • Showcasing what’s new

  • Having fun in a great place

Key Dates



On-line Registration Open

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Close registration date for Sailing on High Sea Adventure Americas Cup Sailing Experience


Call for Nominations for Board Members 2019-2020


Registrations CLOSE 1 October



Friday 8th

12pm Meet in foyer of Rydges Hotel, 59 Federal Street, AUCKLAND

to depart for Go Wild on Waiheke and 

Welcome Dinner at Tantalus Restaurant, Waiheke


Sponsored Tour – Go Wild On Waiheke

Afternoon Bus Tour for all

Includes: Ferry to Waiheke, tour bus to Go Wild on Waiheke

a one-stop venue where lunch and activities

take place (Brewery Tasting Optional)

Sponsored Waiheke Welcome Dinner - Tantalus Restaurant

Tantalus Estate sits on eight hectares in the Onetangi Valley and includes

5.6 hectares of vineyards, a winery, a craft brewery

and an expansive, light filled restaurant with a seasonal menu

built around fresh, local produce

Conference Challenge

There will be challenge at the Welcome Dinner on Waiheke Island at Tantalus Restaurant, with a chance to win your registration refunded and a case of Waiheke Wines.

Saturday 9th

Rydges Hotel, 59 Federal Street, AUCKLAND

8am Sponsored Breakfast - Guest Speaker

9am AGM and Partner Programme

10am Morning Tea & Trade Stands (8)

10.30am Conference speakers

12pm Buffet lunch & Trade Stands (8)

1.30pm Optional Sailing on High Sea Adventure Americas Cup Sailing Experience

*Optional Dinner for Saturday Night that will be

organised dependent on numbers staying on


Rydges Hotel

59 Federal Street,

T. +649 375 5900

The conference is held at the Rydges Hotel, 59 Federal Street.

On the 8th of November, Rydges offer 15 Premium Harbour View Kings @ $420.00 incl. GST per room


On the 9th of November, Rydges offer 20 Deluxe City View King Rooms @ $329.00 incl. GST per room and 30 Premium Harbour View Kings @ $379.00 incl. GST per room

Other Accommodation Options

There are other accommodation options near by:

Registration Information

Members & Sponsors Only (exclusive GST)


Full Packages - Single: $450

Registration Fee includes:

  • Afternoon Tour - Go Wild on Waiheke (includes lunch)

  • Waiheke Welcome Dinner - Tantalus Restaurant

  • Ferry Ride to/from Waiheke Island

  • Conference Opening Breakfast and Guest Speaker

  • AGM – Conference

  • AGM T-shirt

  • Morning Tea

  • Lunch 

  • Trade Stands

Non-Members Only (exclusive GST)


Full Packages - Single: $650

Registration Fee includes:

  • Afternoon Tour - Go Wild on Waiheke (includes lunch)

  • Waiheke Welcome Dinner - Tantalus Restaurant

  • Ferry Ride to/from Waiheke Island

  • Conference Opening Breakfast and Guest Speaker

  • AGM – Conference

  • AGM T-Shirt

  • Morning Tea

  • Lunch 

  • Trade Stands

Partners Only (exclusive GST)


Full Packages - Single: $250

Registration Fee includes:

  • Afternoon Tour - Go Wild on Waiheke (includes lunch)

  • Waiheke Welcome Dinner - Tantalus Restaurant

  • Ferry Ride to/from Waiheke Island

  • Conference Opening Breakfast and Guest Speaker

  • AGM – Conference

  • Morning Tea

  • Lunch 

  • Trade Stands

Partners Programme Options

Sponsored Tour – Meet Metro Auckland

Includes: Devonport Shops & Coffee

Pamper & Beauty - East Day Spa

Single Social Functions by Events per head 

(exclusive GST)


Friday Afternoon Tour – Go Wild on Waiheke with Dinner: $150

Saturday Opening Breakfast and Guest Speaker: $30

Conference Registration

Choose your preferred payment method below.

Credit card payments are processed using PayPal and will incur an additional 3.4%

Registrations close by 1 October 2019

Late Registration Fee 15% additional to advertised prices

Please complete registration form and payment by 1 October 2019

Cancellation Policy: 

 - 50% refund before  1 September

 - NO refund after 1 September

Sponsors Options

There is a chance to get your name and business logo more visible at the AGM - Conference this year and get naming rights for these activities which have created a sensational programme for the contractors in Auckland and Waiheke Island. There is also a chance to showcase your company and products at our trade stand display area over the Saturday while in conference.


Check out the options below and book your spot. If you have other ideas, please contact to discuss.

About Auckland

The 2016 population of 1,415,550 in Auckland accounts for 33.4% of the country's population. The Auckland Council area has a larger population estimated at 1.57 million and it is part of the larger Auckland Region, which includes many rural towns and areas to the south, along with the islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

Why is Auckland called Auckland?

After the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in February 1840, the new Governor of New Zealand, William Hobson, chose the area as his new capital and named it for George Eden, Earl of Auckland, then Viceroy of India.

Did you know, you can walk from the Pacific Ocean to the Tasman Sea in four hours as Auckland sits between two natural harbours.

Auckland was the capital of NZ for 25 years from 1842 to 1865.

The maori name for Auckland is Tamaki Makaurau.

What does Waiheke mean?

The name Waiheke means 'cascading waters', but it was actually given to the island by mistake. The original Maori name of the island was 'Te Motu Arai Roa', or 'long sheltering island'.


What is Waiheke Island famous for?

The vineyard overlooks the ocean at Onetangi Beach. Mudbrick Vineyard – Mudbrick is one of the island's best-known wineries, and has a Provence-style restaurant made of mudbrick. ... Peacock Sky – Peacock Sky Vineyard is located in the centre of Waiheke Island with views across the Hauraki Gulf to Auckland.


Waiheke Island has around 40km of beaches and the eastern part of the island is predominantly farmland, vineyards and a regional park. ... More than 900,000 visitors visit Waiheke island each year.


Airport to Hotel          


Dependant on arrival time and traffic, travel to hotel could take 30mins to 1hour.

Indicative fares from the airport into the city is between NZ$38 – NZ$75 one-way for a taxi and shuttles ($35 for one person plus $8 for each extra person together in the same group).


What clothes to bring? (after hours only)

Slightly tidier than norm as you enter the boundaries of Auckland urban trendsetters so leave your red bands at home and don’t embarrass the missus!

What to wear in Auckland

You may want to keep this handy style guide with you.

LynnMall: Pyjamas - The rule is, if they’re flannelette they’re outerwear.

Queen St Friday night: Sausage-skin-tight minidresses and pig-trotter heels. The tighter the better. The higher the better.

Ponsonby lunch: Lululemon for the ladies. Tom Ford sunglasses for the dudes.

Sylvia Park: Tunics, tunics, tunics, maybe some leggings.

Botany Downs: Puffer jacket and jandals.

Takapuna beach: Gym-bod-hugging merino.

Otara Markets: NBA singlet.

Matakana Markets: A beard.

But the truth is, wear what you like:


Wild on Waiheke - Casual/Comfortable

Waiheke Dinner - Casual/Comfortable

Opening Breakfast - Smart/Casual

Conference - Smart/Casual

What currency? - NZD $

What language? - Kiwi

Kiwi slang - common sayings

1.“My bloody car carked it yesterday.” Translation: “My car died yesterday.”

2.“Pff! He couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.” Translation: ‘He’ is unable to accomplish a simple task.

3.“That fulla is munted.” Translation: “That guy is drunk.”

4.“Did you see Susan? She looked like mutton dressed as lamb.” Translation: Susan was dressing too young for her age.

5.“Had enough to eat, love?” “Yep, I’m chocka.” Translation: “Yep, I’m full.”

6.“Aw I dunno, it looks a bit sus.” Translation: “Hmm, I don’t know, it looks a bit suspicious.”

7.“Pass me the chuddy.” Translation: “Pass me the chewing gum.”

8.“What a ratbag!” Translation: “What a brat!”

9.“Slow down, Trev.” Translation: “Slow down, guy who is probably not called Trev.”

10.“Oi, let’s hit up Maccas.” Translation: “Hey, let’s go to McDonald’s.”


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