Women in Forestry


Network for Women in Forestry’s key objective is to: ‘Organise an inaugural series of regional conferences to bring together a large number of women to build on initial network capabilities and set in place regional support mechanisms for improved communications among forestry women.’

Network for ‘Women in Forestry’ is aimed at providing an opportunity for
forestry women to:

1. Share knowledge and experiences,
2. Share resources,
3. Share practical skills,
4. Receive updates and advice on changes in the industry,
5. Explore buying power opportunities, and
6. Take time out of their busy schedules to enjoy the company of like minded women in the same industry.

The Network for Women in Forestry will provide a support system (regional and nationwide) to those women working in the industry who so often feel isolated and without help in their jobs.

If you are interested in getting involved with Network for Women in Forestry please email Sonya Elmiger.

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Network for Women in Forestry welcome their inaugural sponsor   total lubricants



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