GSB group buying power discounts
Reduce your business’ running costs!
As part of your FICA membership you have access to GSB’s “group buying power” which will help you save
significant amounts of money on a huge range of commodities from technology, engineering & industrial
supplies, stationery & office products, vehicles, fuel and much more.
GSB is New Zealand’s leading buying group for business dedicated to driving down operating costs. GSB’s
group buying power means they’ve done all the hard work negotiating competitive deals with leading New
Zealand suppliers - saving you time to focus on your business.
  Vehicle discounts   Vehicles
Access extrememly competitive prices for most motor vehicle brands in NZ, as
well as a number of other Suppliers that will deliver significant cost savings for
your business. Click here to request a quote.
  fuel discounts   Fuel
GSB has a range of comprehensive fuel card systems giving you discounts on
pump prices at BP, Caltex, Gasoline Alley & Challenge.
Take the GSB Fuel Challenge
  tyre & battery discounts   Tyres & Batteries
Purchase tyres & batteries through GSB - New tyres, retreaded tyres, relugged
tyres and tubes, as well as automotive, marine and standby/industrial batteries.
  GPS Discounts   GPS
Monitor your fleet with GPS products and services.
Office Products and Comsumables
  Stationery discounts   Stationery
Purchase stationery, computer consumables and paper through GSB’s
Contracted Suppliers.
  telecommunication discounts   Telecommunications & Power
Purchase telco & power services through GSB - Fixed-line, mobile and data,
plus discounts on electricity.
Click here for a FREE Bill Comparison from M2,
click here for a FREE Bill Estimate with Powershop.
  Cafe supplies discounts   Cafe Supplies
Buy coffee, tea, hot drinks and dispensing machines through GSB’s Cafe Supplies
  furniture discounts   Furniture
Decorate your office or workstation at discounted rates through GSB’s
Furniture Resellers and Manufacturers.

... and many more contracts
Appliances, building, freight & courier, cleaning & hygiene, groceries, safety, travel, technology and


Reward your team and retain staff!
GSB Club1 is a ‘ready-made’ employee benefits scheme, giving FICA members and their staff access to specially negotiated deals for your own use.

Vouchers are FREE and available to download and use as often as you like. To access additional exclusive deals via email, register online here.

  employee benefits
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